New Alcoholic Beverage License Information


1. Complete the appropriate application (if incorporated, a copy of the articles of incorporation is required);

2. Provide three (3) copies of a radius map and abutters listing of all property owners within a 200’ radius;

3. Provide a copy of the lease or sales agreement;

4. Provide a copy of the food menu for all Class B licenses;

5. An advertising fee of $100 is required when the application is filed. An advertisement will be placed in the East Providence Post for two (2) consecutive weeks. Three (3) weeks after the first advertisement has run, the application will be placed on the docket for a public hearing at the next scheduled Council meeting;

6. One week prior to the meeting, the applicant will be notified by regular mail that they need to appear at the meeting.

If granted, it would be subject to the following approvals:

  • Chief of Police: This is done through the City Clerk’s Office. Please do not contact the Police Department.
  • Building Inspection: Applicant must set up an appointment for a building inspection. There is a fee that must be paid before the appointment will be scheduled.
  • Fire Marshal: Applicant must set up an appointment for inspection by the Fire Marshal.
  • Health Inspector: Applicant must contact the Rhode Island Department of health Food Protection Division for an inspection.
  • Rhode Island Division of Taxation: A certificate of good standing from the Division of Taxation is required before the liquor license can be issued. This is the responsibility of the applicant to do this.
  • Once all approvals have been met, the fees are paid and the license is issued. 


Apply for a NEW or RENEWAL Class A, Class B (Hotel, Limited, Tavern or Victualler), Class C and Class D licenses