Block Party Information


It shall be the authority of the City Council with approval of the chief of police and the fire department to issue one-day licenses for all entertainment, including but not limited to theaters, dancing and block parties, at all private residences as well as public/private establishments. This includes but is not limited to those establishments selling alcoholic beverages. An applicant must additionally comply with the requirements of section 8-69 of this Code.

The following requirements must be met before a one-day license is granted:

(1) A request for a one-day license must first be filed with the city clerk's office. The request will then be forwarded by the city clerk to the chief of police and the fire department for review.

(2) A fee of $15 must be made payable to the City of East Providence and delivered to the city clerk's office.

(3)Within the request, the applicant must include the type of entertainment (i.e. live band, disc jockey, etc.), the time frame of the entertainment, and whether the event will be held indoors or outdoors.

(4) If a tent exceeding 120 square feet is to be erected in conjunction with the requested one-day license, the requesting party must comply with section 8-575 of this Code.

The one-day permit is granted subject to any and all limitations set by the city police department, city fire department and City Council.

(Rev. Ords. 1987, § 8-6; Ch. 315, § I, 9-7-04; Ch. 599, § I, 4-15-14)


Please note:

Per East Providence City Ordinance 10-51, any loud noise after 11 p.m. on Friday and Saturday and after 10 p.m. on Sunday through Thursday is considered a nuisance and can be charged a violation of Ordinance 10-54-2;

2. You must supply your own cones to block off the street(s);

3. You are not allowed to have open liquor on any City streets;

4. You are not allowed to have open fires on the City streets, but you may have grills;

5. Please make sure that all garbage is cleaned up and tables, chairs and grills are removed prior to the street being reopened;

6. Approval is needed by: the Chief of Police, Fire Chief, City Clerk and City Council.