Advisory: Snowstorm/Parking Ban

Feb 18, 2021


Office of the Mayor

Patricia Resende (401) 529-3207

EAST PROVIDENCE, RI – This is a message from the City of East Providence Mayor’s Office. A parking ban will go into effect city-wide beginning at 10 p.m. tonight (February 18, 2021) due to the incoming snowstorm and will remain in place until further notice. The parking ban will allow for a safe and thorough snow removal operation by the Department of Public Works. A list of public parking lots in which to park your vehicle is available below. Please stay safe and stay healthy.

Please visit the city’s website as well as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts for complete storm-related updates.

City of East Providence Public Parking Lots

Park/Playground Lots

Kimberly Ann Rock Field – Ferris Avenue
Lyle Bourne Park – New Road Glen
Lyon Field/Playground – Kelly Avenue
Agawam Field – Pawtucket Avenue
Freedom Green Parking Lot – Centre Street
Central Ave Playground – McCausland Avenue
Hull Street Playground – Hull Street
Pierce Stadium – Mercer Street
Kent Heights Field – Clyde Avenue
Sabin Point Playground – Shore Road
Riverside Rec Field – Somerset Avenue
Providence Avenue Playground – Providence Avenue
Rose Larisa Park – Bullocks Point Avenue
Carousel Parking Lot – Crescent View Avenue
Vintner Avenue Playground – Vintner Avenue
Grassy Plain Park – Estrell Drive
School Parking Lots

Myron Francis School – Bourne Avenue
Martin Middle School – Brown Street
Riverside Middle School - Forbes Street
Orlo Avenue School – Orlo Avenue
Whiteknact School – Grosvenor Ave and N. County
St. Silver Spring School – Progress Avenue
Old Oldham School – Bullocks Point Avenue
Waddington School – Legion Way
Oldham School – Griffith Drive