Senior Over 65 Exemption Application

The Senior Exemption Application can be applied for by any homeowner that is age 65 or older, and occupies a residential property (single, two, or three family, also including residential condos) as their primary residence.

Amount of Tax Credit

This exemption currently reduces your assessment by $41,325 ($633.51 in tax dollars on the 2024 tax bill).

How To Qualify For A Senior Over 65 Exemption


  • Applicant must have been owner, residing in the property and be 65 years of age by 12/31, to qualify on the subsequent bill
  • Only one applicant per household can recieve the exemption
  • Application deadline NO later than March 15th, 
  • Along with the application you must provide proof of your age. We require a copy of a RI License or Photo ID.

There is also an exemption that can be claimed on the water bill, please submit this form also. 

  • This exemption waives the RI Surchage amount on your waterbill. 
  • Only allowed on residential properties 1 to 3 family. For multi family properties the exemption amount will be adjusted.
  • Must be primary residence. 
  • Takes effect within a few billing cycles from the date application is recieved. 



Please gather your documentation needed above and fill out the Senior Application. Once your forms are completed return them to our office, by drop off or electronically.  Please don't forget to include all the appropriate proof!

If you have any questions please call the Assessor's office at 401-435-7574, or email us at