PRESS RELEASE: City receives Council approval, rolls out trash cart contract

The East Providence City Council has approved the rollout of a trash cart/recycling contract that will combat rodent issues in the City.
The Council unanimously approved a resolution approving the City of East Providence to enter into a contract extension with MTG Disposal LLC for the collection of trash and recycling. The term of the contract has been extended through August 31, 20205 with an additional three-year term if mutually agreed upon by both parties.

“My administration had been researching various ways to combat the rodent issue occurring in some areas of the City,” Mayor Bob DaSilva said. “Using the carts, which will reduce ready access to food sources such as improperly disposed of trash, is a sure way to reduce the population of rodents.”
The move comes after negotiations between DaSilva and MEGA, the City’s current trash contractor since December 2019, to devise a program that would provide residents with large trash carts similar to residents’ current recycle bins. The automated collection will provide each household with their own 95-gallon cart for household rubbish collection. New collection vehicles will be in place to collect the carts after distribution to each one- through four-family housing unit.
The carts, which will be repaid over 60 months, with no interest charged to the City, would ensure that every resident would have the proper and secure container in which to store their trash and ultimately reducing the food source to rodents.
Since those talks with MEGA began, the City was able to see a $163,000 reduction in the proposed original cost for the trash receptacles.