Please call the East Providence Municipal Court to reschedule a court date, (401) 435-7540.

You will attend the court date that is listed on the back of the citation. This is your arraignment date, you will plead not guilty at this court date. You will receive a trial date once you have pled not guilty. The trial date is when you contest the citation.

No, camera citations are not reported to the Division of Motor Vehicles or your insurance company. Even if you hold your license out of RI.

Call East Providence Municipal Court (401) 435-7540. Please have your license plate number available when you call. The court can only look up the registered owner or license plate number.

By phone: 1-888-573-0167 Monday- Thursday 8 am-8 pm and Friday 8 am-6 pm. Visa, Discover, and MasterCard are accepted.

Pay online: www.viewcitaiton.com You will need your citation number and Pin number, located on the front of your citation.

Pay by mail: Checks and Money Orders made payable to the City of East Providence. Detach the remittance slip below and mail it along with the payment.

Payments will NOT be accepted at the East Providence Police Department. 

Payments CAN be made at the East Providence Municipal Court- NO CASH is accepted. 

  • It is a $35 court cost for red light citations totaling $110
  • It is a $25 court cost for speed citations totaling $75

The red light-enforced intersection is $85.00. Speeding in a school zone is $50.00.

Yes, courts have ruled in favor of a municipality’s right to use automated enforcement technology in a fair and judicious manner.

School days, Monday through Friday of the promulgated 180-day school calendar year 7 am to 4 pm., 20 mph speed limit.

Everyday, 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

No, there are not any service fees for paying via check or money order (via postal mail).

Yes, the fee to pay your speeding ticket online is $1.75

Yes, the fee to pay your red light ticket online is $2.97 

Yes. If you contest the speeding ticket/citation and are found guilty, you will be expected to pay $25 

Yes, If you contest the red light ticket/citation and are found guilty, you will be expected to pay $35

A: Appear in Municipal Court on your scheduled date (which is your arraignment). Once you appear in court you can plead guilty or not guilty. If you plead not guilty you will be given a trial date to appear.

Please contact the East Providence Police Traffic, Division at 401-435-7600 EXT: 20070


Please refer to the back of your ticket/citation - an affidavit is available under certain circumstances.

No, the  "Good Driver Record" does not apply as this is not a moving violation. 

Please call 1-888-573-0167. If you reach a voicemail, please leave your name, number, and ticket number on the voicemail. If you do not have the ticket number because your ticket was lost, please provide enough information for a returned phone call (i.g. license plate).