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Information Technology Department

The mission of the Information Technology (IT) Department is to provide all City Departments with technological assistance, uniformity, and control in the analysis, design, development and functionality of all technology related projects and computer system services.

The IT Department has duties which include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Provide oversight and project management for all City projects involving technology
  • Maintain the hardware and software needs for all City locations
  • Create a standards-based database envrionment to increase the productivity and funtionality for City staff serving our constiuency
  • Establish audit trails and controls
  • Assist in training and orientation of technology users
  • Adapt to changing technology and adopt new and emerging technology
  • Empower City staff to embrace and utilize technology

Major technological programs supported and managed by IT:

  • Police and Fire Public Safety operations and 911 Dispatch Center
  • City-wide network meter-reading system for Water system
  • Water pump access stations and SCADA system
  • Water, Sewer and Tax online payment system

Accomplishments for Fiscal Year 2019

  • Deployed cloud-based fleet management program
  • Integrated Fire Records Management System
  • Migrated to Office 365
  • Coordinated training for Emergency Reporting, Online Permits, Fleet Management, ADP, and Webmasters.
  • Provided new design and next generation platform content management system
  • Updated City mobile application for Android and IOS devices
  • Deployed mobile units to Fire Department fleet
  • Migrated to public safety mobile platform, First Net
  • Updated all servers to Microsoft 2019
  • Updated workstations to Microsoft 2010
  • Created training rooms for City Hall including rolling laptop lab and 65' touch screen
  • Created migration plan for Fuel managment including pump replacement, cloud based fuel consumption tracking, and consumption analysis and cost per vehicle reporting.  Deployed mobile app.
  • Updated PII policy including PII monitoring and analysis with Absolute Endpoint city-wide
  • Updated encryption standards and monitoring through Office 365 and new network based encryption platform
  • Collaborated with Police and Fire to deploy new computer aided dispatch program for Dispatch, Records and Mobile applications.
  • Updated City Hall signage
  • Integrated new wireless access units
  • Decommissioned BANA-DSO network city-wide
  • Instituted city-wide training and cybersecurity program
  • Moved IT offices, created new network spaces within City Hall
  • Deployed Open Gov


Goals and Objectives for Fiscal Year 2020

  • Create Incident Response Plans working the RI National Guard
  • Introduce addtional training and updated policy for PII
  • Deploy Multifactor Authencation
  • Assist departments to deploy online applications including business applications
  • Segment public network areas
  • Add and update security system, ID cards, access controls and security cameras
  • Assist with RFP process for Assessment and Finance