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Highway Division

The Highway Division has a staff of 32, composed of the superintendent, assistant superintendents,  account clerk, lead workers, heavy equipment operators, truck drivers and laborers. The division is responsible for storm drains, road resurfacing, road repairs, street sweeping, catch basin cleaning, mosquito abatement programs, maintaining the former landfill site and operating the City's compost site. The division salts, sands and plows the 160 miles of city streets in the winter season. The division participates in cleanups such as debris collected on the City's waterfront and debris caused by various storms.

Highway Division Functions 

The Highway Division is responsible for the maintenance of 160 miles of city streets. That maintenance includes:

  • Snow and ice removal operations (East Providence does not rely upon outside contractors for this service).
  • Street sweeping beginning in the spring when weather permits
  • ​Drain Maintenance including catch basin cleaning of 3,000 catch basins and 1,300 manholes, drain pipe cleaning of 66 miles of drain pipe, and cleaning brush and debris from more than 4.5 miles of open drainage ditches
  • Provides pothole patching and utility trench repairs on city streets
  • Provides sidewalk improvements for locations damaged by city trees
  • Provides new traffic signs and makes repairs to traffic signs as needed
  • Provides and maintains pavement markings for traffic control
  • Maintains 158 city-owned and -operated traffic signal devices
  • Maintains the former landfill site and operates the compost facility where approximately 8,000 tons of leaf and  yard waste are processed annually
  • Operates snow plow hotline

Snow Plow Hotline: 401-435-7751

Please call hotline for any snow event day, night or weekend.

Street Sweeping:

In accordance with the City’s Stormwater Management Plan, all streets and municipal parking lots are swept at least once per year, and main streets are swept twice per year. The City's main roads are swept at the beginning of the program and again at the end. In order to assist property owners who wish to sweep sand, which has accumulated on their abutting sidewalks into the roadway. The City requests residents' assistance in removing parked cars from the road on the day scheduled for sweeping so the program is successful. Prior to sweeping, the City will place temporary signs to notify residents of area being swept.

Please call (401) 435-7500 x11130, if you observe illegal dumping.