Ready, Set, Play!

Scope of Services for City of East Providence

Ready, Set, Play Grant

The following outlines the description of this grant, which the applicant will perform for the City of East Providence’s youth. The basic objective of the Ready, Set, Play initiative will be to make youth sports more accessible to low/moderate-income residents covering registration costs, equipment costs, and any necessary professional development certification. The services funded by the City of East Providence will commence no later than March 8th, 2023 and be substantially completed by June 30, 2024.


At least sixty percent (60%) of all individuals benefiting from services provided by the applicant must be from East Providence and be of low/moderate income as defined by guidelines set by American Rescue Plan Act: Treasury Department. While applicant shall not be prohibited from assisting individuals with family incomes greater than those defined by the Treasury Department as low to moderate, Ready, Set, Play funds shall support only those activities that the applicant will perform towards the above-stated goal, as per the City's approved Ready Set Play grant. This goal may be amended only through the mutual agreement of the city, and the applicant.

Household median income chart:

Household Size           Median Household Income

(1)                                $39,390.00

(2)                                $44,980.00

(3)                                $50,635.00

(4)                                $56,225.00

*Any household over (4) people add $4,485 per Department of Treasury Guidelines.

I.                      Program Design


Need Statement:


This grant is poised well to act as a funding source and ensure that every child has an opportunity to participate in youth sports. In an effort to combat the effects of COVID-19 and the record-high inflation around the country, the Ready Set Play initiative provides up to a $15,000 grant to youth sports organizations to expand access to members of the East Providence community. If an organization is approved for this funding they will be responsible for tracking, and reporting to the City of East Providence. Once an organization has been approved the money will be given in a phased approach providing 50% of the grant, then once tracking and reporting are completed the remainder of the funds will be released.


Eligible Participants:


Grants are available to qualifying 501(c) (3) non-profit community-based recreational sports organizations targeting children in grades PreK-12 and living in the City of East Providence. Organizations must cater to at least 60% East Providence residents. Funds must be used on youth who currently live in East Providence and are at or below 65% of median household income.


The organization should use the majority of this funding towards registration fees, funding will be allocated based on the amount of impact this will have in the community and the number of youth registrations. This grant program must be capped at three children per household. Eligible use of funds is limited to:

Registration fees (capped at $200)

Safety and professional development costs (CPR training, concussion training, professional development courses)

Necessary equipment for youth athletes (Padding, helmets, gloves, etc.)

Athletic wear including jerseys, uniforms, and all other necessary apparel


The hiring of the vendor(s) will be the responsibility of the applicant. The organization must secure at least two competitive bids. Vendors doing business in East Providence should be considered whenever reasonable.


The sum of money expended by the average household on their young athletes' sports has risen in price every year. This is a major expense to households with low-income youth. The City of East Providence can play a large role in ensuring that all households have a chance to participate in youth sports across the city.

We feel that any child who wishes to participate in sports should be able to, regardless of their financial background. We are striving to aid those in need by providing a grant program that assists with the costs of taking part in sports.

II.                    Method & Schedule of Compensation


Terms: Ready, Set, Play registration forms must be submitted for each youth player using grant money during season registration. Organizations will be paid 50% of the approved amount after those funds are spent the additional 50% will be given at a later date. No payments will be processed unless all reporting has been submitted through the latest completed sports season.


III.                   Reporting Requirements


The applicant must submit all registration forms, and a budget for other use of funds such as uniforms, professional development, etc. A final report should itemize accumulative beneficiary and financial information for the entire program period. The number of beneficiary information should clearly distinguish between duplicated versus un-duplicated persons and households. Please submit reports along with invoices as soon as possible after the end of a sports season. The inability to report usage will disqualify you from future grant funding with the City of East Providence. The Final Report should be submitted no later than June 30th, 2024.


IV.                   Monitoring & Evaluation


Program performance evaluations will be based on the following criteria:


The quality of records;

The amount of Ready Set Play funds expended.

Timeliness of reporting

V.                    Amendments


If, for any reason, the above-stated objective and obligation of the applicant cannot be met, the applicant must request, in writing, an amendment to the Scope of Services.




  I.        The approved organization will be given 50% of approved grant amount. Once the season has ended, the organization will submit to the City of East Providence an end-of-season report showing how many residents they have impacted.


 II.       The organization will request for the remainder of any grant money.


III.       Payments under this Contract will be made upon submission of the appropriate documentation.


 IV.      Requests for payment should be sent to:

Victor Regino

Planning & Economic Development

145 Taunton Avenue

East Providence, RI  02914


E-mail to


  V.      Failure to provide required reports and data within the prescribed time frame may result in a delay of payment or the withholding of funds. Notice should be given if a variation to the prescribed time frame is needed.







The organization shall maintain all necessary Liability Insurance in force as applicable for the duration of this Agreement.